Items for newsletter?

How to send material to be posted in Singing Southampton newsletter

  1. Please send information to
  2. Concise text for newsletter in email body – see sample below.  Name of event, date & time, location – on separate lines (not in sentences), followed by short description of event, cost, links to relevant websites if any. Unformatted text please (no sizing, centring, colour, or solid capitals).
  3. Please include a poster preferably as an internet link or else as attachment.  Attachments will be posted on the website with a link in the newsletter.
  4. The newsletter is normally sent out around the turn of the month.
  5. After being sent, newsletters can be viewed at our Newsletters page and at


Sing with Sally
Saturday 23 March 2:30 – 5:00 pm
The Happy Hall, Sweet Road, Lovetown LV3 2ST

Short and sweet description …. cost: £15.  For further information: http://www.xxxx Tel xxxx


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