Promoting Singing

Singing Southampton promotes singing in the Southampton area by listing events.  Here are some websites about people who also promote singing in various ways.

Gerontius List of choirs  in the Southampton area

Association of British Choir Directors
They run highly spoken of courses for choir leaders

Eastleigh Fusion Choir

Directory of folk festivals

Natural Voice Practitioners’ Network
Lists events, choirs, workshops, teachers, courses. Has email dialogue.

Focsle Folk Club
includes directory of acoustic music in Southampton area as well as Focsle programme and archive.

Nickomo and Rasullah Clarke
At the heart of the Natural Voice movement.  Singing workshops, camps, harmony arrangements of songs, own compositions for choirs

Unicorn Camps new website

Chris While & Julie Matthews
Fabulous thoughtful and exciting songs with beautiful voices and delightful arrangements.  A performing duo who regularly do singing workshops teaching wonderful uplifting arrangements of well-known songs.  A great pity they are not better known in mainstream music.  Their music has strands of many genres so cannot be pinned down to one type.

 Joyous Isle

Chris Rowbury arrangments for choirs and singing groups
His own arrangements of many traditional songs from all over the world in
anything from two to six parts. Songs are arranged for voice only.

Directory of folk music festivals

Jill Purce – Healing Voice courses and workshops include: The Healing Voice – a Week Intensive (“joyful, life-changing and uplifting”) 25.4. – 2.5 (Glastonbury), The Voice of Shamanism Fridays through the year (London), Ritual and Resonance – Healing the Family and Ancestors 20 – 27 June. She sells overtone chanting meditations CDs or cassettes. “A person’s voice is their magic.”


One thought on “Promoting Singing

  1. This may not be the right place to make a comment like this, but perhaps there are others out there who, like me, just want to understand music better. Please do not print this unless you check with me first, but this is my story………

    I suppose I am a mature ‘student’ (though I would rather not confess to the ‘mature’ bit!) coming into music later in life. I started singing in one choir but shortly moved to another that suited my needs much better. Then I thought that if I learnt to play the piano this might just help me to sometimes find the right notes, and that’s another story!. I also joined a friend in her singing lessons but now have individual lessons. So I might actually see any improvement in my singing earlier this year I took my Grade 3 (really aimed at children so my teacher said!) and passed with just short of a distinction. Now I am about to take Grade 4 (for older children, so I am told) in 3 weeks and beginning to regret it a bit. The singing is not too much of a problem but the theory is rather daunting. My singing in grade 3 was obviously good enough to camouflage the less accomplished theory part, but not sure I can get away with it this time. I suppose in a roundabout way I am asking if there are ever any workshops for just theory,as perhaps aproaching it from another angle though another teacher in a group might help. I live between Southampton and Bournemouth. Anything now will be too late for the exam this time but – and please do not get me wrong – I really want to do it – but Grade 5 theory fills me with horror.

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