Archive of video/audio clip

November 2015: Barton Community Choir
at the Community Choirs Festival 2014
singing 2 songs, one by Nickomo

October 2015: Heavy Heart – cover by Sophia Efthimiou
a beautiful, gentle song, just her voice and her guitar
Also, her TEDx talk “Singing Ourselves Home” (20 mins) on our Facebook page
She explains the beauty, joy and power of singing in community and then leads the audience in song.

September 2014:
World Choir Games 2014, Riga. 10.07.2014.  South Africa. Kearsney College Choir

February 2014: Here’s a delightful clip of an aged and still youthful Pete Seeger singing Bob Dylan’s “Forever Young” surrounded by beautiful children.  Warms your heart!

January 2014: Flash mob in a Woolworths store in South Africa in tribute to Nelson Mandela

December 2013: Sounds of crickets overlayed with the same sounds slowed down – sounds like human voices singing.  The wonders of nature!

November 2013: In recognition of Fiona Funnell’s Shanty Beatbox Clash and Maggie O’Connor’s Shanty song in the forthcoming concert, here’s a sea shanty to get you in the mood.  Spanish Ladies performed by Du Hag Owr acappella – beautiful voices!

September 2013:  ‘Sing For Water’ song ” Let Love Rain Down” ( a cast of 100’s! )

August 2013: Live Noise with their rendition of “El Fusilado”.  They’re 5 delightful young men singing fun and clever arrangements of all sorts of songs.

July 2013:  A chance to revel in the rich sounds of the male a cappella choir   ‘Men In Suits’  This clip shows them singing one of their own irreverent songs ‘Let me Through’ and then a beautiful Leonard Cohen song.

June 2013:  In memory of Glen Jayson, John Lennon’s “Because” in a Capella form with John, George and Paul’s harmonies in triplicate from Anthology 3 album

May 2013: to encourage the blokes to join singing groups – The Spooky Men

To celebrate the merry merry month of May 2013 here is a joyful song performed by Broceliande – a Celtic/Early Music quartet – from their album ‘Songs of Spring’.
Here be ‘O Lusty May’

April 2013:  Susan Boyle’s first appearance on Britain’s Got Talent  It does illustrate how much people rely on appearance for their judgement – the impact of her amazing voice was tremendous.


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